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Coolent change

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:roll: :roll: :green: :p :question: Hi guys, Ive asked this question befor but could not find it on here,,So here goes..When doing a coolent change, I was told to put a hose in the top of the radiator and half undo the bottom plug on the radiator,Fire up motor,wait till walter comes out clean...Turn off water let moter run for 10- 20 seconds to disperse some exter water..Turn off motor let walter drain from radiator ..... Close bottom drain plug on radiator, fill with 50% water 50%antifreeze... IS This a good way to do my anual coolent change,,Because I have read about bleeding the system,,,,,,Which makes me think I should pay the service people $120.00 plus liquid..Any advice guys,,MickP.S. I do not mind spending the money ,but it would be something nice to do on a sunday morning befor I get into my baby drive the tires off of here :eek:ha: :eek:ha:
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Me, I can put gas into it. Other than that, I have someone else do it. I want no mistakes.

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