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Cool Ferrari Gathering photo...

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Hi, I dont think ive posted here before, but ive been lurking for a while. I dont know if you've ever seen this photo before, so if its a repost, im sorry. But anyways, here it is. I dont know any details of the photo.

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Absolutely brillant effort (I didn't spot the Cavallino at first). :up: I thought it MUST be fake but can't spot the give-away. All the shadow's seem correct, although the cars in the "Ferrari" insignia and the Cavallino seem a little crisper than some others.

Only thought is that if you're car wasn't red than you don't get included in the main "action". Maybe they could have formed a border or something.
Yeah, I hope the person who "mapped-out" where each car had to be put (esp for the Cavallino Ramparte) got full credit for a great job.

Next year they could make it dymanic - "on my signal all change to make the word ENZO"! :eek:ha:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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