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Hello and Help,

I haven't used my convertible top in years, I usually store my car in my garage under a car cover with the top down. Decided to functionally test the top, first it didn't do much...checked fluid, it was low so I serviced that. Next, I cycled the top a few times with the emergency switch for convenience (I'm 6'3" so sitting in the car during the top cycle is not very comfortable). Next, I attempted to cycle the top with the normal center console switch, this is what I observed from a starting point of engine off, ignition on, top down/retracted, parking brake set, seat full aft, doors closed and windows up:

1. Pilot and Co-Pilot seats track full forward
2. Windows roll down approximately 2 inches
3. Hydraulic power pack energizes
4. Top closes normally

Then I immediately attempted an top retraction cycle and observed the following:

1. Actuation of the console switch and continuous beeping is observed (normal)
2. Push up on forward edge of top tip a single beep is heard
3. No further actuation of top is noted at this point (abnormal) actuation of hydraulic power pack is heard.

Back to emergency switch and top retracts normally. Can anyone offer any pearls of wisdom?

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