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I'm getting a few e-mail of how I did my conversion last year, so i thought I would go ahead a post this. As it gets hotter more people are trying to do this.

The 134a was so much cheaper and it was nothing
> to loose a couple of cans breaking the systems apart to see what was going
> wrong. In my case it was a clogged expansion valve. the drier had gone bad
> and dumped everything into the expansion valve. Below is what I did.

> The drier I used is a
> SCS/Frigette
> Part #
> 207 805
> Purchased at a local ACdelco AC shop for $49.00
> Expansion valve
> Murray Climate Control
> MRY 38683
> THP AC3801C
> UPC 9636138683
> Purchased at O'Riely Auto Parts for $26.00
> High and Low side 134A connectors,
> high side $6.99,
> Low Side $15.00.
> Purchased at NAPA
> DON'T buy the Aluminum cheap ones.
> 3 cans of 134A Wal-Mart $4.88 each I only used 2
> 134A O rings Assorted $5.99 Autozone
> 2 8oz cans of ester oil
> I changed all O rings. took out the 2 Schratter valves and replaced them
> with the 134A connectors.
> I used an Aquarium air hose to drain the oil from the compressor. I
> siphoned it out, got about 8 OZ. added the ester until it would not take
> any more about 11OZ. Manual call for 330CC or 11OZ. I used a turkey baster
> to add the oil to the compressor.
> Drier remember not to open or connect it to the system until you are ready
> to Evacuate.
> Make sure the oil drier did not dump any Desiccant in to the hose going to
> the expansion valve. this is what killed me.
> Yesterday to was 93degrees here in traffic I got 60 degrees high way 50
> degrees. all reading from the lower vent.
> This evening 83 degrees, 86 heat index 40 Degrees at the lower vent.
> I have noticed one thing. Before my car ran at right below 195 on the
> highway, traffic right over 195, no more than the width of the needle. Now
> highway the needle is mid way between the 195 and the next hash mark. In
> traffic it stays on the hash mark. This mark is between 195 and 250.
> I will double check the car tomorrow to see if I have developed an over
> heating problem that may be unrelated to the AC. I did get a little air
> of the front radiator when I got home tonight. I'm going to drive it
> without the AC on.
> Per Neville in England I'm going to over fill my expansion tank. It's been
> about 2,000 miles since I have done this. When I had this over heating
> problem before, over filling fixed it. It cooked off what it didn't need
> and has been find ever since until now.
> OF course I am not responsible for anything that might go wrong with your
> car in this process. This is only what I did to make it happen. And to all
> your Ferrari Techs out there, please excuse my ignorance if I have said
> anything that sounds stupid.. Thank God I got some common sense from my
> father. I wish he were still here with me to take a drive.
> Kelly Vince
> Do you have the Passion?
> Tifosi

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nice write up, however, after my conversion went back to R12

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R12 is a much better refrigerant than R134A. The trade-off is convenience and a cost differential vs better cooling. Probably different conclusions for Texas and Canada.

R12 is bad for the atmosphere, too, unless work is performed by professionals with the correct equipment. The way we did it in the old days when Freon was $0.75 per can was not good.
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