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Concours d'Elegande Bagatelle Paris

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Iv any of you guys happen to be in Paris this weekend then make sure they pay a visit to this event.
It's a world famous Concours whitch stands garanty for some GREAT Ferrari's.
I'm going to Paris on saterday for this event, and i will take a lot of pics.
i'll post some pics afterwards for you guys
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Just got back from Paris
There where about 80 cars and 12 Ferrari
7 250 GTO
1 250 SWB
1 250 California
1 275 GTB/4
1 342 America
1 555 Super Squalo

I'm putting the pics on my hardrive as im typing this
took about 500 pics, half ot time on the Ferrari :green:
I'll post some later tonight
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Good job!!! I can't wait to see the pics!!! 8)
I took 538 pics, i have to resize them before i can post them

I forgot to mention 1 Ferrari
the Barchetta from Jean Todt
OK Let's start posting some pics :D
some more beautifill cars :wink:
Sorry that i didn't post them yesterday evening
but i couldn't stay awake anymore
OK, last one for now
I've posted a pic of every Ferrari that was present.
I'm gonna start working on some updates for my site.
I've got a lot of new pics now :green:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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