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Concorso Italiano Pics

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I recently attended the Concorso Italiano car show in Carmel CA, I took quite a few pics of the ferraris there along with pics of Lamborghinis, Panteras, MclarenF1, GT40 and others and posted them here;


Some of the cars don't have model descriptions, If you see one thats incorrect or missing send me an email and I'll update the photo. thxs 8)
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6598 is a 512BB (or BBi)
6632 is a 333SP
6658 looks like a 360 spider F1 to me
6663 is a Lamborghini 400 GT (could be 350 GT)
6671 I am not sure about but could be a 375MM
6676 is a 250 GT Lusso
6761 is a 250 GT Lusso
6762 is a 250 GTE
6763 is a 250 GT Lusso
6764 is a 250 GT Lusso

What you call a Lusso is actually a 365 GTB/4 'Daytona' (JRV 790 plate)
The 456 is a 456M
the not sure? pic is I think a 330 GTS.
The pic you mentioned as 308s are actually 328s
The one you mention as black testarossa is actually a 512TR
Lamborghini Muira should be Miura. About the Targa top car, could be a one-off, I am not sure it was build or if it has another name.

So you have a NSX. Cool car, is it really a Ferrari-killer? Just wondering, since you are on a Ferrari forum here, so you must be some kind of Tifosi with a challenging car :wink:

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Welcome to the site! I think you'll find there are some great folks hanging around here. Post some photos of your car when/if you get the chance. Even if it's not a Ferrari, at least I like seeing others' cars.

You'll also find there's anything from heavy machinery to off-road Jeeps and yes, Ferrari's as well in the site gallery. :D

Great photos, I really enjoyed them.


Welcome Johne

I've only taken a quick peek at the pics, but that event looked pretty good

Thanks for identifying the cars for me, I'll update the pics when I get a chance!


You can see a pic of my car under the misc corral pics, I have an black 95 NSX and attended the event with 8 other NSX's as part of the NSX corral, it was my 3rd year at the concorso and will go again next year as ypu can see it's a great show!
Since I did not go, I went thru your photoes. THanks.
The pics have been updated with the information 250lm provided(thanks)
by the way; what is a "tifosi" ....

Regarding the NSX, it's a fun car and runs like a champ, and the NSX community is a really good group of people, I like the NSX alot but now that I've had mine for a few years I'm wanting more power, maybe the next NSX will have a V8!!
Tifosi is a term that's given to Ferrari freaks, especially fans of the Scuderia
Dj Dirk said:
Tifosi is a term that's given to Ferrari freaks, especially fans of the Scuderia
I think I fall into this category :work:
My plates say "Tifosi" for the wife and I. :wink:


Hi Johne,

The tifosi question is already answered. I am definately one, but I also like other cars. The place where I work is next to the Dutch Honda importer and there is always a black NSX driving around. I like that car! It doesn't really look like a thoroughbred when you see it at first, but when it mingles in traffic, the car looks low, sleek and fast!

And I assume it is better for daily driving. Although I know of a 456 and a 348 here that are driven regularly.

Tifoso_Boy said:
I think I fall into this category :work:
I think most of us here fall unther that categorie :eek:ha:


Over here there are also a lot of Ferrari's driven regulary especially when it's good wheater.

i'm curious, how does your NSX handle in the city, and what can you beat?? Is she a Ferrari/Porsche killer??
Thanks for share !

I just took a look at your NSX(s). :) Beautiful, beautiful car. How do you keep your sanity keeping the black looking that good??

My wife's a big fan of NSX's and I'd love to drive one. They really are gorgeous cars. Thanks for sharing.


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