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I would like to build a model of the following Ferraris and need to know the colour to build it as original as possible. Does anybody know where to find colour photos of these cars?:confused:

#011S, 166 Inter Farina Cabriolet, my info: pea green, but what tone is pea green (the green of fresh picked peas or of already cooked peas?)

#033S, 166 Inter Farina Cabriolet, my info: pale green, on b/w-pictures it looks more white than green

#0159EL, 212 Inter Vignale Cabriolet, my info: on the only picture I know (Rob de la Rive Box) the colour looks pretty dark , but it is dark red, dark blue, dark grey, dark purple (it this case I would betray my ideals...)

Thank you for your help!
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