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Color codes

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I need color codes (or names) for 1976 512 BB.
In general, where find Ferrari color codes?
Thank you.
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I don't have them for 512 BB's, sorry. I think The think the best chance you have is buy a specialized book about the car you have. Maybe the ownersmanual says something, although I don't think so.

I think there are people here who can help you better with this

BTW, I you have a 512 BB, where are the pictures???
I haven't a 512BB 1:1, but only a 1:43 model car kit :)
I use to build my little Ferrari model cars, so I need color codes for them.
Thank you from Italy
And you want to use the original colors? Because I don't think those are available in those little paint bottles. Aren't photo's better then? Because then you can pick the car you want to copy, and then see what has what color
I often use automotive paints, I can buy them in little bottles (100g) or in spray cans in my supermarket (!).
I need color codes or names, so I can buy similiar color if not the same.
In this case, I need the code or the name of metallic blues of 512BB

damn... Ferrari has produced tons of blue colors, I have colorcodes on the 365 GTB/4, but no newer ones. I can list them if you want.

But tell me, at the supermarket??? I mean, you can get Rosso Corsa,rosso barchetta and blue TdF there? Or just normal colors?
ok Bob, list me 365 GTB/4 colors, maybe it's the same metallic blue.

Yes, in supermarkets we find "Fiat 120" for rosso corsa, "A.R.155", as darker red for barchetta red, "Fiat 620" for silver and so on. They are 200 ml spray cans for car. Some days ago I bought a Blue Cannes for my F40 "Pilot" LM 95/96. (ehm, 1:43 of course...)
Blu Caracalla 2.666.901
Blu Chiaro Met 106-A-38
Blu Dino Met 106-A-72
Blu Ferrari 20-A-185
Blu Ortis 95.3.6159
Blu Ribot 2.443.631
Blu Sera Met 106-A-18
Blu Scuro 95C.6159
Blu Tourbillon 2.443.607
My pleasure, make sure you post some pictures of the finished model ;)
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