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WOW!! While I was in San Francisco Andrew told me to meet him at this car club. Holy Shit! This place was awesome! When you are a member you get certain levels of points that you can use to get time in high-end automobiles. Everything from an S2000 all the way to a Bentley. It was so cool being there. The garage was awesome, the cars were awesome and we got to sit in all of them (the smell of the Maserati is not the same as the smell in a Ferrari or Bentley). The president, Torbin, is one of the coolest guys I've ever met. He invited me and Dave with open arms and brought us up to the member's lounge and we sat and shot the shit about cars and other stuff for over an hour. He was proud of the place he had built and was truly satisfied that we enjoyed it also. This place is truly man-town. They have a cigar lounge with a big screen TV and 1,000 bottle wine storage where you can watch the game and have a nice glass of wine and a cigar while relaxing on the couch and right behind you there is a Maserati, a Ferrari, a Mercedes and a Bentley.

It was so cool. This was the highlight of my trip to San Francisco. Yeah, you've got the cable cars, the golden gate bridge, fisherman's wharf, pier 39, the stupid sea lions and all that stuff. But Club Sportiva is a destination all in itself. I will never again think that Club Sportiva is something to visit while I'm in San Francisco, but rather that San Francisco is something to visit while I'm at Club Sportiva.

If you are heading out to the San Francisco area make sure you put Club Sportiva on the list of things to do. Contact Andrew first because as a Ferrari Life member Andrew can hook you up and get you the VIP treatment.

Here's the link:
Tell them Pete sent you! (Just kidding, tell them Andrew sent you. :) )
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