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Close-up of Pete's Rims

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Several of you have asked so here is a close up of one of the rims on my car. I think they look great but I have no idea what they actually are. Can anyone identify these? I tried to get a close up of the builder's stamp but the camera would not focus that close. The stamp is at about the 9:00 position in this photo.


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At first I thought: "Oh, definitely Gotti's", but then, trying to make out the logo where you say it is, it almost looks like "HRE".

Tough call...

Anyone else?
that rim is nice, but could you make a better close up, Pete?
like just the rim and some part of the tyre, but no caroserie.
and what do you make of the builder stamp Pete??
because it's a bit to small
I will try a better close up of the builder's stamp. I am curious as to just what these are.
I'll be waiting for the close-up cus you got me curious to
Those are sweet!

Check out these speedlines on the competizione...
Did you or anyone ever figure out the make of those wheels? Again they look awesome on your car.
Nope. I still have no idea what they are. But I do like them!
Those are quite handsome wheels, Pete.

And, congratulations!

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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