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Yes, I did take the time to see the kwali!

It's nice to see Villeneuve is back. To bad he's not that fast, but that's forgiven, because of his abscence.

Good to see that Ralf is back and still got the spirit! Both he and JPM are leaving Williams, but at least Ralf tries to make the best of it... ...if I was Frank, I would throw JPM out, he's not a driver, but just a seatfiller right now!

Schumie went of the track, so he'll start 18th. This is because Bruni also went off and Sato wrecked an other engine... ...he's going 10 places back.

I don't mind Schumie starting at the back! I always like to see him there. Esp. when he finished 1st after all... :wink: :green:

Also a small salut to Massa! The little man has taken his best position ever! 4th, and I hope he will finish near this spot... ...we all have dreams!

Let's see what the race will bring!
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