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Cheapest Ferrair country.

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Wich country is the cheapest country to buy used ferraris? Any good ideas on 2nd hand sites? I use and myself.
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calie said:
Wich country is the cheapest country to buy used ferraris? Any good ideas on 2nd hand sites? I use and myself.
I'm not sure it is relavent. Where are you located? Remember to include shipping cost and taxes as part of the total cost.

I would say just about every country is the same price with little difference so you are best to buy it in the country in which you live.
Used cars are cheaper in Germany, generally. But new cars are cheaper in the former East European countries because manufacturers intentionally lower the cost of the cars they sell to those countries. But I don't know if Ferrari sell to those countries though. But you can get Subarus and others.

I have a friend who does this business out of London.
Shipping is not a very big problem for me... I am so lucky to know a guy with a shipping company. I just wondered if they where incredibly much cheaper in some parts of south am. or asia, since I am having a hard time finding more than German car sale sites. But thanks for your response :)
Ferrari has a standard ex-factory price, but these vary slightly from countries to countries depending on the additional coformity requirements of the country. It's the duty, total duties including import duty, sales tax, GST or VAT etc that makes the showroom price of the cars differet from country to country.

Japan has the lowest I think, 5 or 6% duty. So chethe websites in Japan. Don't know any though but I have mags but they're in Japanese. Ironically all imported sports cars are in LHD despite the country is on RHD. So you'll be all right if you get a Ferrari from Japan.
one thing, are ferraris truly ever 'cheap'? :)

you might find cheap ones around the market, but remember, u still have running costs to bear! And they're definately more expensive than your run of the mill VW Golf.
Well if it is Japan you seek here is one off the top of my head:

I can hop over there this week and take some pics for you. There are many more I'll have to dig up.
If Germany is referenced as a cheap country, I would check Swiss prices on I did some comparison and concluded that Switzerland is cheaper than Germany.
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