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changing wheels

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does the wheels from a 328gts fits on a 308 gtsi?
the dimensions of the wheel are 8X16 et 161 mm,does anyone know?
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I do not think so both tires and wheel sizes are different. The 328 uses 205/55 VR 16's on the front and 225/50 VR 16 on the rear. The 308 GTSi uses TRX 240/55 VR415's as standard on both front and rear. The wheel sizes for the two are: 328 7Jx16 front, 8Jx16 rear. 308 GTSi 165TR 390 Fh-PR front and rear. Hope this helps.
thank you for your response, the wheels on my 308 are 16 inch, on the front 7x16 en on the rear 8x16.
but i want to no is there a difference in the offset? in our country(Holland)
is this the ET value.
andrejw said:
in our country(Holland)
is this the ET value.quote]

What does this refer to?
this means how far the wheel comes in or out (measerud from the center)
this is a link where you can see what i mean,
goto the wheel section
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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