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Boxer 42,

Installation of the drilled pedal sets is not terribly complicated, but is time consuming. If you are fairly mechanically inclined it should take about an hour. Instructions do come with the sets. Here is a condensed breakdown of what you'll need material wise.

Drill and Drill bits (multiple sizes)
Allen Wrenchs

Here is a condensed install guide:

1)Remove rubber covers from OEM pedal
2)Mask off oem pedals and align new pedals. Mark off drill holes.
3)Support the OEM pedal arm and drill holes where you marked in step 2.
4)Screw on the drilled pedal with wrenchs.
5)Repeat for two other pedals.
end condensed install guide

Obviously there is more detail in the instructions. There are three pages, one about materials and tools, and two about install. If you feel that the job is more than you want to mess with, a shop should be able to do it in 30-45 minutes. So, factor the labor rate.

I really hope this helps. This is a great product that many, many people have purchased and all have been happy with the result. It really spruces up the interior, and allows for better grip. Please post any additional questions, I am happy to answer anything.


Jason Cardani
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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