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Hi guys,
Recently a friend of his eitalian form asked what could be done for his 348 to improve the sound ...
In order not to spend more money in a new silencer, I proposed to change the original silencer by installing two bypasses, the same thing I did in 2017 for another friend (I will do a dedicated post), but in this case the silencer that is in its 348 was the challenge version (a single resonator) not the two standard resonator silencers ...
I threw my heart over the obstacle and i told him that was possible to do ....
When muffler was delivered to me i observed and i imagined a solution, i proposed to my friend and he accepted.
I cut the inlet line to the resonator, turned to the tail and installed two electric bypass.
I installed also a smalle dpipes to the resonator before the bypass, whes this is closed.
At th eend we supplyed also the electric device module with remote control for open/closed bypass, the electric device module is complete manufactured inside by my brother.
My friend ois happy becasue now can a every loud 348 when want and be quite in others situations ....


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