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Al, who knows what's going on in the minds of those who planned it?
I understand their anger at the Gov't and their anger at Blair's foreign policy in recent years, but the majority of the British public never supported the war/s and don't have anything against our Arab and muslim neighbours.
Live and let live is my motto.
I will never understand why extremists want to seriously injur and kill people who have never done anything to hurt them. The government maybe, but not the innocent general public.
Unfortunately if this carries on, there will be a civil war in Britain at some future point where the white majority decide to take action against the immigrant communities - I do not want to see this, Britain is a diverse country of lots of different faiths, religions, colours and creeds (prabably too many now), but all the same we have to live in harmony. War and terrorism isn't the answer. Must go now, I've got a meeting at the UN;)

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I haven't been following it in any detail - I don't watch news anymore its too depressing. However a few things have crossed my mind.

1. I don't think who ever did it was homegrown - unless they are stupid enough to think that they can park a car in Central London on a yellow line/bus stop in a major congestion area during a period of international uncertainty and not have it towed away duh!! I don't think homegrown would be that stupid.

2. I think it was outsiders i.e. international - no idea who.

3. It was a stroke of luck that the Police managed to deal with the issue before anything happened - it puts me in mind of the IRA tactics in the 70s & 80s. Maybe nothing was meant to happen i.e. a scare tactic.

4. The cynic in me thinks that it is too close to the installation of a new government that needs to make its mark.

5. It could be something to do with the Gay Pride march in London today. Remember the thing in Soho a little while back with the nails?

6. London is humming with CCTV - surely they must have some images?

7. God only knows the truth anymore.
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