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central doorlock Dutch 308

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if there are owners of a 308 who wants to connect the central doorlock to the car alarm then you have a problem,because there is no servo in the left unit, i did't know this, but when i buyed this car the central lock was not working.
So last weekend i,m looking for the problem and i've build out the servomotor and i carefully opend the servounit and to my suprise there was no motor but then there was the other problem... why was it not working,so i've measured the components and there was a defect rectifier 1N4148. I've replaced this and now its working good.
The problem whit the connection between the servo and the alarm i've solved by install a new servo just under the orginal servo and connect this one to the alarm,as you can see on the photo.
So for a approx. 10 Euro's ore Dollars you can lock your car whit the remote from your alarmsystem.


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