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Cavallino's for sale

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I have four Cavallino's (70, 71, 72, 73) for sale on my website. The site is in Dutch but I don't think that English speaking people have any trouble with it (that's because there isn't that much on the the moment) :)

Hope that somebody is interested :)


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Maybe i'm interested, but i won't be online often this week, mybe not enymore, so if they are still there next week after Pinkpop, I'll come asking for it :) And the netherlands is good, because i don't have to drive that far :)
i might be interested in 71, i don't have that one yet
For everyone who might be interested...please sent me an email at the mailadress you find on my website (or from here...). Ofcourse the magazine(s) will be sold to the first reaction!

Perhaps I will put them on Ebay when I don't sell them in the next month, but ofcourse the price can rise then :D (I hope...hahaha)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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