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Hi guys,

First of all, continued thanks to Steve for his friendship and insight/help with my Ferrari questions. I thought I would also ask you other afficianados for a little help regarding the potential purchase of a carb 308 GTS/GTB. If I had my druthers, I would actually prefer an 84-85 QV, but it seems like the prices on these keep moving ever-skyward. I've noticed that there are some SEEMINGLY nice carb cars on various websites that would fall into my more immediate "first-time" Ferrari budget. My concern with this is that I live in CA and as you all probably know, CA is not real friendly with old sports cars when it comes to smogging. Also, I know that past 1977 Ferrari had to further put the stranglehold on power due to emmission concerns. So...without lulling you all to sleep, I guess my questions for you would be 1. Do think it's possible to smog a carbed Ferrari in CA? And 2. Once it is smogged, what would be the best way to regain lost performance? -- Straight pipes? Hyperflow cats? As always, many thanks for your time, insights, experience and expertise.

Very sincerely,

Scott p.s. Masa's on pole!!
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