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Calling all 550 experts

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Hi there,

It has come to my attention that North American 550 models year bulit post 2000 have precats in the exhaust manifolds which reduce performance quite substantially. This was not a problem for European models, who are not faced with the stricter N.A. emissions guidlines.

I have heard quotes of as high as 0.5 secs difference for 0-60 times between 1997-1999 and 2000-2001.This is an outrageous situation!

My question is...what can be done about it?

Are there after market,new exhaust manifolds.

Can one purchase and install European exhaust manifolds without reprecussions ?

Looking forward to hearing from anyone in the "know"


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Hi Enzo, and thank you for the welcome :)

I currently have a tubi exhaust installed on my 2001 550, but my understanding is this is independant of the exhaust manifold. sure like the sound though ;)

I have since learned that all post MY 2000 ferrari's (inc 360's, 550 and 456) had these precats this "loss of power" is probably shared by all models in comparision to their earlier MY siblings.

In typical Ferrari fashion, this power robbing modification went unannounced.

Others have suggested using pre-2000 manifolds to rectify the situation...but before I go that route, I would like to know what sort of gains are we talking about....if it really is a 0.4-0.5 difference in 0-60 times..I think it would be well worth it.
I'm actually up in Toronto,Canada,and yes, we do have emission testing.

But does that testing vary according to MY?
For example, are the standards different for a 2001 as opposed to a 1999 due to the built in precats present in the former but not the latter?

Damn, this situation is getting worse by the moment,lol.
While Im not sure of specific Canadian emissions requirements, Ive usually found all govt. standards to be as strict if not stricter than most American regulations.Seems the Canadian Govt. wants to be seen as being the most anal govt in all North America,lol.

I guess that puts an end to my plans to work my way back to performance equity. I will ask my dealer as to specific Canadian regs...and if they differ from my suspicions, will re-ignite this post accordingly.

Thanks to all who have responded with helpful suggestions and advise, both were most appreciated!

1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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