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I am currently looking to purchase my first Ferrari and I am looking to spend in the $30-50K range. I am really interested in buying a V-12 such as the 400i but I know nothing about the difficulties of passing emissions and getting the car serviced. I have little mechanical ability and would appreciate advice on whether a 400i would be a reasonable car to look at and if so, where would you recommend purchasing from? Denningcars had a couple listed from Switzerland but as I said I am unsure of the prospects of getting the car to pass emissions. I would also appreciate any advice on what to expect as far as maintenace cost and service options. I live in Coastal NC and there is a Ferrari Dealer in Greensboro NC, Foreign Cars Italia (I believe)... does anyone know anything about them? Lastly, would I be better off looking at the 308, 328 and Mondials. Thank you for any advice that you can offer. Will G.
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