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Brembo: 308 Slotted REAR brake Rotors

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Hi Everyone,

Seems i need to buy THREE pairs of these as they are pseudo one-off. As many of you know, slotted is better than drilled and you can get the Brembo bigger brake top line GT package as slotted. If you want matching REARS it seems my one-off order will make this happen as they ARE NOT a stock item nor a normally offered product.

Color is silver like the top-line Brembo GT for Ferrari 308.

Will know price shortly and it should be near what a regular run would cost. If anyone is looking for rear Brembo SLOTTED brake rotors i will sell ONE of the three sets i need to buy at my cost plus shipping. Takers? Questions?
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Brembo Rear Brakes


I realise your post was some 8 years ago.

I have recently purchased a '79 308 GTS and would like to fit the Brembo GT front kit. Concern is there is no rear matching upgrade (& yes, I know of the Giro kit but prefer Brembo if possible).

Do you have any part numbers for the discs & hats for the rears you got for your car? Also what rear pads did you fit?

Would greatly appreciate any advice


Bernie Murphy
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Bernie, I would suggest PM'ing him.

thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try

He sold that car about 4 years ago.....Verell owns it now I think.
I'm gonna suggest bernie that you contact him on fchat since he hasn't been here since 2007. OR.... contact nick's forza ferrari. I'm quite sure they have a brake kit upgrade for front and back.
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