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As a follow up I did find that all Brembo calipers use the same size bleeder = 10M X 1 and they are about 1 1/8" or 29 mm in length.

I have to thank Martin from Girodisc for that information.

They are also the same bleeders as on Porsche.

So apparently 1.20" - 1.30" overall length should do.

In the website I noted above their model #3266-03 unit should work fine.

They even have the rubber caps available = model # 3266-cap.

Also available are bleeder screws with one-way ball check valves so you can bleed the calipers yourself and w/o compressed air!

BTW, if you are looking for braided brake lines Martin has great ones are very good pricing.

Contact him for more info. He also has great brake pads that produce minimal dust.
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