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I have a question for the Boxer owners.
I've been searching for the zippered outer pouch that holds the tool kit roll on 512BBis.
It took the place of the hard case, on the 365 and BBs, that was strapped to the front fender well.
I finally found two but each is a different size,
One 9" x 12 1/2" with an embossed Cavallino in the center
and another 12" x 13 1/2" with the Cavallino in the upper corner.
I'm trying to determine which is correct for the 512BBi.
Can I ask any of you, that still have yours, to check what size and style you have in your cars?

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Murph, They might actually both be correct. It is possible that Ferrari used two slightly different pouches during the four year model run. You can check with Frank Masiarz on the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer Resouce to confirm:

or email the factory directly:

custom[email protected]

Sorry I can't help directly but mine are both hard case (Carb) tool kits.
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