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Please Be On Look Out for a stolen Red/Tan 1971 246 GT as reported by the owner.

Full Name:Jon Gunderson
#1Yesterday at 8:08 PM
I had one of my Dinos shipped from Oceanside, Ca to Spicewood, Texas. It left last friday and the truck and trailer are nowhere to be found!
I tried reporting it the police but they say it does not fall into the definition of stolen as I signed the bill of lading allowing them to take the car. They said it is a civil matter. The Broker on Uship takes no responsibility (Swift Auto Transportation) and have been of no help. Uship also does nothing but sends a few emails asking about the status of my shipment.
I filed an insurance claim against Expert Logistics who Swift Auto Transportation brokered it too. Expert Logistics has no idea where the driver is as he's turned his phone off and no idea where the Dodge Ram with Ca plates is or the the car enclosed trailer. There was also a Mercedes SUV on the load.
Probably went to Mexico. 71 Dino Gt
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My God. That is really something. Call YOUR Ins. company for some more guidance and then an Atty. I suppose. I can hardly imagine. F-n crooks.

Sorry sorry to hear that what you keep us updated!? That is a real tragedy I know your cars are very nice. You may remember me you came out to my house I have an old Ferrari GT4

Terribly sorry to hear that, has any progress been made with recovery?
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