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BMS Scuderia wins GT Team Championship 2nd year in a row

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BMS Scuderia clinched for a second year in a row the GT Team Championship in the 8th round of the FIA GT at Imola
still racing with the 550 ProDrive's, BMS Scuderia, achieved a big enough lead over all the other teams with still 2 races to go
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Fantastic result! Congratulations to them! Quite a job well done with a not as developed car, seeing as how Prodrive gave the effort up for the Aston's for next season.
that car is better developed then the factory 575 GTC
and they are still very hush-hush about it, i got kicked out of their pit-box again last weekend when i was trying to take some engine pics of them, as usual
Hmm, suprising. I thought that Prodrive stopped development work on the cars as they were shifting their efforts to the Aston Martins for next season?
I know, but i believe that BMS will be campaigning the 550's again next year.
and i wonder who will take the Astons.

oh, the other teams that use the 575 GTC's also don't want you taking pics of the engine bay or at least not close-ups, i get kicked out of their pitboxes aswell :green:
Hmm, that's intersting. So will BMS do their own development work next year then?

Heh! What secrecy.
i don't know yet, i'll see if i can find out something at the track this weekend.

oh last weekend i was able to get an open engine shot of one of the ProDrive 550's :green:
after that i did get kicked out ofcourse and when another dutch photographer tried to take a shot while they where busy kicking me out they jumped in front of his camera threw him out and slammed the pitbox door shut :lol:
Alright, cool. 8)

Wow, suprising indeed, the secrecy that they want of their car.
I think the main opponent of Ferrari next Year will be Maserati MC12 GT, because it is made race only and it is based on Enzo !!!! I think it can Winn the season (for raiting of course). Ferrari saw that they have no opponents and made one themselves... Nice !!!! If nobody can beat Ferrari, Ferrari will made an another Faster Ferrari 8) , but what about Aston Martin, I think it is not able to beet even Saleens.

Better than a FERRARI can be just Another FERRARI !!!!
do not under estimate the DB9GT, that car is developed by ProDrive, the same company that developed the 550 GT, so that is the same car that is beating the factory developed 575 GTC.
altough i do expect more of the DB9GT in 2006, i still can't wait to hear that one blasting by on the track and see what it can do
U R write, Never Subapreciate Ur Enemy, but I do't think that an Aston can challenge with an Ferrari, like in late '60. I think that the New team A:Level Engineering, from Russia can be an adecvate answer to Prodrive's Cars, Thei Porsche is pretty good (I am from Moldova, not far from Russia, an I am reading russian magazines, and there was written much about A:Level's cars), and also Maseratti can race the Ferrari's Devils
well the basic porsche is already good, and at the moment i have more faith in the Freissinger porsche's then in the A:Level porsche.
and well, in those last races that the Maser's participated they where already beating or on the same pace as the Ferrari's, and they where still running in restricted version
So the MC12 WILL be the car to beat next season

Totally agree with U, MC12 is the main opponent. It was so fast at the omologation's session, that FIA decidet to limit the square of its wings to paste the omologation. Now it is pretty good.

A question for U: why Ferrari didn't omologated the F50 GT for GT series, but omologated 550Maranello? I thing F50 is more a sport racing car than the 550 or 575...... What do U think?
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