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starting this tuesday there's a Bizzarini expo wich will run till 29th of august in Autoworld carmuseum in Brussels.
according to the organizers this should be the most complete and biggest expo about Giotto Bizzarini ever shown.
among the cars (approx. 32) there should be several Iso Rivolta's, several Bizzarini's (YES :D ) and several Ferrari 250's including a 250 GTO. so it should defenitly be worht a visit.
also will be shown a big part about the lambo history wich will include a 350GT, Miura and some modern models

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Bizzarini Expo

Hi Stradale, Bizzarini worked as a Engineer closely by Ferrari's project's such as the 250 GT 2+2 , the infamos GTO and the 3 liter Testa Rossa.
He left Ferrari in 1961 and wend to Lamborghini to design the engine for the 3500 GT. Regards 308ROB

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so i only spended 1 day at the nurburgring this weekend, so that left me with a free sunday, so that can't happen, so i drove over to Brussels to visit the expo, and here's what present:

ferrari's present:
250 GTO red
250 SWB replica yellow the same car that Germain just sended pics of to
the teliao pics list owned by D'Ieteren wich is based on a 250 GTE
250 GTE black/tan
250 SWB California Spider darkblue/tan license plate RS F 28 H (german

also in the musem:
250 GT Boano blue/light tan with dust on it and belonging to the Mahy

other very notable cars present:
ATS prototypes blue/black
Griffo Prototype 2004
Bizzarini 5300GT dark red/black
Bizzarini Europa GT red/black
Bizzarini Europa 1900 orange/black
Bizzarini Europa 1900 dark red/tan
Bizzarini P538 red/black
Bizzarini America red/black
Bizzarini 5300GT unrestored race car
Isso Griffo Spyder darkgreen/white
Isso Griffo A3C Prototype Turin Motorshow 1963 light blue/white
Iso Rivolta GT dark red/white
Iso Griffo A3L black/grey
Iso Rivolta darkgreen/brown
Asa 1000 GT blue/blue
AMX 3 Bizzarini Sciabola prototype geneva salon 1971 red/black
AMX 3 Spyder Bizzarini

lamborghini's present:
350 GT grey/brown
Espada red/black
Miura SV400 red/black
350 GT lightblue/tan
Murcielago darkgrey/black
Countach LP400 yellow/tan
Countach LP500S yellow/black
Diablo SV silver/black
Islero darkblue/light tan
400 GT Jarama white/tan
LM002 black/black
400GT 2+2 dark green/tan
Murcielago yellow/black
Murcielago 40th Anny edition nr 36/50 special blue/black & white
Gallardo yellow/black
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