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Can anyone recommend a really good trickle charger for the battery, that I can buy in the UK?

I definitely want one that plugs into the cigar lighter rather than connecting into the battery directly.

Any suggestions?

Also, does anyone employ some kind of heater/ dehumidifier for the garage to keep the car and its leather in pristine condition over the winter? If so, what make/ model?


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I use a carcoon, got it from -

I've also attached a picture so you can see what it looks like.

It basically circulates air around the car and prevents moisture building up.

It includes a battery conditioner which "conditions" rather than just charging the battery. In other words it makes sure the battery is always fully charged but does not over-charge it.

On the 348 (and I assume the 355) there is a positive terminal under the engine cover so there is no need to connect directly to the battery which would be nigh on impossible due to its location.

If you use a normal dehumidifier I believe you need to ba careful not to dry the air too much as this can dry out the leather.

Hope this helps.



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