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Hi to everyone,
i want to let you know about this beautiful scale model.
I have bought it from an italian that produces them as an hobby.
The car is full funcional, it can be used by a children of 8-12 years.
Here are some details:

- Scale 1:1,8
- Two stroke engine of Piaggio Motorcycle "Ciao" 50 cc 2.5 HP
- Gearbox with shifter(Automatic)
- Drum brakes
- Rack and pinion steering
- Alluminium Suspension with rubber dampers
- Tires 3.5x10
- Dashboard reproduced like original ones with ferrari simbol
- Wood steering wheel
- Seat in original textile.
- Size: Length 226 cm, Width 96 cm, Weight 80 kg (approx.)

He sells them with or without the engine all around the world. The price is different for the two models.
I gave it to my son as a gift and he was very enthusiastic!!
I have attached a photo of the car. If someone is interested, i have more
photos and i can give you the contact of the maker of this "jewel".

I hope you will enjoy it!
Best Regards,
Paolo from Italy! :eek:
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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