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Dermot said:
NASCAR drivers drive around in circles for 2 hours in cars that Starsky and Hutch would not have been seen dead in - I'd rather watch paint dry!!

Now THAT'S an idea to spice up the racing! Everyone's gotta enter as either Starsky or Hutch or Elvis & dress accordingly. Start all the cars heading backwards & everytone has to do a reverse flick before the first corner (OK, that's Jim Rockford but close enough). :eek:ha:

Being my first post ever in the Racing forum you can see that I'm less than whelmed by F1, but used to watch heaps years ago. I pine for the days of really interesting stuff happening like the huge wings & ground-effect skirts of the 70's, the early turbo vs Cosworth V8 battles, and crazy ideas like Lotus's 4WD and gas-turbine cars. What about the "stone-blower" rear-fans that were tried - good stuff!!! :eek:

Keep it up, Bazil :up:
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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