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battery shutdown -> no radio anymore

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A question : on my 360 Spider (08/2002), I can shut off the battery if I do not want to drive the car for a while. This weekend I tried it out and after 10sec. having hooked-up the battery again (by turning a button in the trunk), my radio (standard one) does not work anymore like there is no power anymore. A fuse problem ? Radio broken ? The radio was "on" before I shut down the battery.

Before I call the dealer, did someone had this problem ?

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Most radios are affected if the power is cut-off from them. This happens all the time when you'd take a car into the shop for servicing. They'll disconnect the battery for safety reasons and when you pick up your car, the radio has lost its memory - but it always works.

If yours is not working at all (ie: no power), then the fuse might have blown (I don't see why that would happen, but if it did, so be it...). Every car is different so I can't say where its located in your car, your Owner's Manual will have this info...
I kind of doubt it applies to the 360, but some new radios have a feature that if the power is suddenly cut off the radio will not work and needs to have the authorization code put in it again. This is a means of preventing people from stealing them and reselling, using in their own car, etc. I find it f_cking insane to be honest. I would just call the dealer and ask them, I doubt this is the case, but you never know.
Bret, You are right about the anti-theft device. However I find it unlikely that they would have installed a main cut off and then have to recode the radio unless there is a way to recode it in his owners manual. Each car may have its own code.
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