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Barchetta, Berlinetta

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Quick question.

What properties does a Ferrari need to be labelled a Barchetta, and also a Berlinetta. I thought I knew this, but some friends have me second guessing myself now.
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So only the Ferrari coupe's would be Berlinetta's?

What I always thought was Barchetta was a soft top convertible and Berlinetta was a hard top convertible. (targa)
I have written a complete guide of all names that appear in Ferrari-types, and it is available in the members-section.
GTS is the targa (TS on a 348).
Berlinetta is fixed coupe, also called GTB (TB on a 348).
Barchetta is naturally open with a basically useless soft top.
Spider is full convertible.
Later 348 models were also called GTB/GTS and not just TB/TS like the U.S. models.
Well that clears it up perfectly, Thanks.
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