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Sorry you've had no luck elsewhere.
There are some real pros on this site, although it is much quieter than some others.
Hang in there, someone will chime in sooner or later.
If not, ping Taz or Cribb, they will probably have the answer.

And welcome to the forum!
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I give up asking questions on other forums. Which o2 sensor is the correct one to replace if I have a bank 2 sensor 2 error? The shop manual has some errors in it
Hello aerguy,
welcome in this forum also from me..

I have the "575 MARANELLO ERROR P CODES" manual, engine pratically is the same, but the sensors are indicated in different way, generally the diagnosy testers give also a P-code of the error? do you have it?

I asked to my dealer, the bank 2 is the left side (it were easy), then sensor 2 could be or the upstream sensor of the cylinders 7-8-9 or the downstream sensors of the same cylinders, with the P code error can individuated exacly the sensor.

See following image that i did for the explanation.

Best Regards



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Aerguy, as Fabio has illustrated, your engine has 8 O2 sensors, however the OBD2 protocol maxes out at 4 (I think), so diagnosing a 12 cylinder Ferrari with 8 sensors using a generic OBD2 reader can be a challenge.

Where are you located, and is there any way you can get the car to a specialist who has a "real" Ferrari diagnostic computer, like an SD-2, SD-3, or even a Leonardo? One of these higher end computers should be able to tell you exactly which sensor is generating the problem.

Failing that, you're just guessing, and we're guessing too.

David (FluentinFerrari) may be able to shed some light on this as he has both the high end diagnostic computers as well as the generic OBD2's.

Edit: I found your posts on FChat and see that Motob (a very experienced and respected Ferrari tech) has given you great advice. You now know that the issue is either with the upstream or downstream sensor for cylinders 7/8/9. I think Motob was in error when he said cylinders 10/11/12. He was correct in saying the "rear manifold, left side" but he had the cylinder numbers incorrect.

Due to the difficulty of accessing the downstream sensor, I would probably opt to replace the upstream sensor and see if that cures the problem. Note: the upstream sensor is probably going to be a "wideband" O2 sensor, not a generic Lambda type, and hence it will be more expensive. Get the Ferrari P/N for it, and start searching on the internet for a generic Bosch replacement at a better price.
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