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I am writing from my home. The window is open as it is most of the year. I can hear the neighborhood. The nice guy across my street moved in with a white Camero. Boy, was it a nice machine. Then he got a Corvette. It is even nicer and he drives it daily. In the evening, I can hear him start his new vehicle. It is a red 1978 Porsche.

What makes it different is the engine. You who live in Europe will not understand this but he has a deep-throated 350 sitting in the back of the Porsche. The engine and running gear came from a place in the Carolines. He had to send his power train there. After many many months it arrived. Within only a few weekends, it was together.

But a moment ago, I heard a quiet distance rumble of a nasty moving surprise sleeper. The engine has been blueprinted and balance. Some things have been added which says hello to many other cars. It went out for a drive. Since he is a better driver than I, he could take me in the first 1/8 mile and maybe in the quarter. The top end is not a question nor is the car to go somewhere.

I am a unitarian. My car is just a car. My friend’s is a passion. Balance.

Oh, it came back. 8)
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