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Who wants slicks to return to F1?

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More changes to come.....

F1 to return to slicks?
In the 2004 season [14/11/02 - 03:53]

No more grooves?

According to reports in the German Press, the Formula One series is looking at correcting something that most believe was one of the biggest mistakes ever made, the introduction of grooved tyres. Grooved tyres were introduced in 1998 after the powers that be banned the use of slick tyres due to increasing speeds. The grooves were meant to slow the cars down dramatically, however they continue to go faster and faster every season regardless, proving it really has been a futile experiment.

The Auto Motor und Sport reports that Formula One supremo, Bernie Ecclestone, together with several team bosses, has put the request forward to FIA President Max Mosley, and the topic is up for further discussion at the next meeting of the world council on December fourth. Returning to slicks would enable more overtaking on track and if approved it will more than likely be introduced for the 2004 season.

Another innovation on the agenda is making pit radio communication available to the public and increasing refuelling speed from 12 litres a second to 18. These changes are added the ones already discussed at meeting of the F1 commission on the 28th of October.
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