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Unique Automotive Art Exhibit Opens at Ferrari Maserati of Washington

“Celebrating the Art of the Automobile”
A Collection of Photographs by Jonathan Kendall

Dulles, VA, February 7, 2006 – As author Stephen Bayley wrote in 1987, “A generation seduced by the romance of the machine found itself lost in awe at the urgent beauty of these exciting, dynamic theorems in metal.” The automobile has arguably been the most important invention of the past 100 years, generating freedom and mobility while driving commerce and connecting people. Its seductive qualities often have been the closest people get to art and sculpture. Photographer/designer Jonathan Kendall has had a long affair with the automobile, including the passion, the freedom, the speed, and detailing of fine machinery for over 40 years. This excitement is being expressed in his artwork on display in Dulles, Virginia.

A new collection of exceptionally detailed, large format photographs highlights the beauty and the detailed intricacy of the world’s most desirable automobiles is the featured exhibit at Ferrari Maserati of Washington in the Metropolitan Washington, DC-Baltimore area. Mr. Kendall has an interesting perspective for exploring the fine, intricate detail of the inner working of an engine or the seductive curves of a hand-formed body. He explodes these images to a surreal size of three, five or even six feet high so the craftsmanship is exposed and brought to a hyper-real state where the most minuscule element is evident. The allusion to the human anatomy and physical form are sometimes unmistakable and striking. In other pieces, the light and reflections bring the forms to life and convey meaning to these inanimate objects of desire.

Aldous Huxley once said, “Speed is the only entirely novel sensation of the twentieth century.” Mr. Kendall’s romance with speed has run through years of sports car and stock car racing, collecting, and admiring the fine sculpture and engineering of fabled cars. Designers and visionaries such as Enzo Ferrari, Ettore Bugatti, Ferdinand Porsche, and Battista “Pinnin” Farina have seen this world of motion, style and freedom as art and form. Mr. Kendall has found a new opportunity to express the splendor of exotic automobile and the artisans who construct them.

“Throughout the ages, artisans have crafted metal, leather, wood and glass into industrial art, mechanisms that serve mankind and touch the soul. The art of the machine.” Said Jonathan Kendall, artisan, entrepreneur and photographer. “As a child, I was captivated by the freedom, the dynamism, and the style of the automobile. My earliest memories are of my mothers’ 1956 Ford Station Wagon in two-tone red-and-white. My father had a 1965 Mustang, while my best friends father had one of the most perfectly designed automobiles of all time, the 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4…it changed my life.” Mr. Kendall saw the beauty in the details of the machine. “The craftsmanship that went into the finest automobiles rivals the premium art work and sculpture. The complex detailing, the engineering outcomes are expressed in every part and every corporeal curve that is crafted to bring the car closer to perfection.”

This exhibit is Mr. Kendall’s first permanent display. “I am honored to be invited to exhibit at Ferrari Maserati of Washington and Lamborghini Washington. They have been very supportive of my work and it is a thrill to have my photographs on the same floor as the most desirable cars in the world.” Mr. Kendall goes on. “This is testament to Ferrari Maserati of Washington’s commitment to the automotive enthusiast whether they can afford an exotic car or not. The community can visit the showroom and the exhibit, and can see for themselves the power and art of the automobile.”

The exhibition is open now through Summer 2006 at Ferrari Maserati of Washington, Lamborghini Washington located at 45235 Towlern Place in Dulles, VA 20166 (about 10 minutes from Dulles Airport, just off of Route 28N) Phone: 703-478-3606, website: The hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. All the art work is available in very limited quantities to the collector and the public. Please feel free to ask for Redding Finney, Director of Advertising/Special Events, if you have any questions on-site, or call Jonathan Kendall Design at 410-798-9003.

About Jonathan Kendall Design

Jonathan Kendall Design LLC ( provides photography, art, fashion, and design for automotive-inspired sale, exhibitions and environments. The lifestyle of the automotive enthusiast is enhanced through the introduction of unique, exclusive design pieces. Jonathan Kendall strives to meet this need through stationary art, fashion for men and women, multimedia Immersion Garages, and functional art and sculpture focused on the aficionado.

Contact: Eileen Borosky, Marketing Specialist, Jonathan Kendall Design
+1 410 798 9003 or [email protected].



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