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Santa stick you with a bunch of ugly sweaters and bulk packs of underwear this year? No reason to be unhappy, now's your chance to get what you really wanted!

We are getting ready to place another large bulk order with AUTOart models. If there is something specific you would be interested in ordering, please PM me the part number and I will get back to you with a price to add it to the order. The order will be placed January 15th, some items have clearance pricing or special incentives, especially some of the bigger models, basically the higher the MSRP, the higher the potential discount. This applies to anything sold on the site, including the lifestyle line. Feel free to pass along to close friends, but please do not repost on other forums, this is being offered here because we are a forum sponsor only!

you can go through the website at

Don't forget, I need you to send me the model # to respond back to you with a price.

Thanks and Happy Holidays

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