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Att:F355 owners, i'm considering a '96-97 F355 GTB

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What should i expect from this car in terms of service costs and reliability? I have heard so many diferent stories by now that i am a little worried to make the purchase (i'm moving to spain in a couple of months). I have heard the car is full of gremlins and can leave you stranded at any moment!! Also, regular service bills (oil and filter change)go for $1,000-3,000 ( i don't mind that) but a major service (every 15k) can go for as high as $5 grand!!!!! Also i was told to stay away from y 95s.
Anyway, if there are any F355 owners who are willing to share their stories, i'm listening.


Ed (from DR)
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Hey man welcome to the forum. I haven't heard any bad things about the F355 GTB, but then again, I don't own one. The part of the service is true, it's very expensive.
well so far mine has been ok other then a bearing that went. the part alone was $1000.00 and the services are expensive. but that is just because if the synthetic oil they use i do my own services on mine and the oil and filter cost me aroud $500.00 so it not so bad and very easy to do and i will probably bring it in for the 15000k service but its still new so i dont know how much it is yet but at the end of the day its all worth it i love my baby its a 99 355 f1 spyder well hope this helps

Welcome to the forum! Because the F355 has is closed by a sheet of metal underneath this will of course make labor expensive because that will need to be removed for some work but a small portion is open for the engine area. Be sure to let us know what you decide and if you have anymore questions don't hesitate to ask.

Welcome to the forum. Hope to see some of pictures of your car in the garage section. Its always great to see a new user that likes to get their hands a little dirty under the hood.

I personally have a 1997 spider and I love it. There are ways to cut your costs. Just get yourself a honest mechanic and you will be just fine. The costs are higher than your regular car, but the rewards are astonishing.
edudiaz123 said:
....regular service bills (oil and filter change)go for $1,000-3,000 ( i don't mind that) but a major service (every 15k) can go for as high as $5 grand!!!!!
Whoa, that's a lot of money for an just an oil/filter change. How many miles can you drive before you have to change the oil on a modern Ferrari? Every 3,000 miles?
95 F355 - why stay away

Hi, I'm interested in any opinions on the 95 F355. Why
have you heard to "stay away" from the 95? I'm very
close to buying a 95 w/13k miles.

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