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So far I just find the usual stuff like specs and whatnot, and that it runs I think it was 11.6psi (.8BAR).
Found one video of a bunch of ferraris on a highway playing which had a very short bit of a 288 GTO in it.
So does anyone have any good websites or information about this beauty?
My favorite ferrari and I don't know too much about it :(
Anyone have any good videos too?
Ben Martin

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Ferrari World used to have an episode of the 288 GTO (PAL and NTSC) and I think Forza had a GTO special. For a nice website, try google. Other books turn up at Ebay regularly.


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in this months issue of classic and sports car magazine they compare the 288 GTO to the porshe 959. here are the specs they list:

built from 84-87, 272 produced.
Engine: all alloy watercooled DOHC per bank 32v 2855cc 90 deg. V8 with 2 IHI turbochargers, behr intercoolers and weber-marelli fuel inj.
Transmission: 5 spd. manual ZF transaxle, LSD
Chassis/body: tubular steel chassis, composite rear bulkhead and fibre glass composite shell, Aluminum doors
Suspension: ind. all around double wishbone, coil springs
Brakes: vent. disks all around
Steering: rack and pinion
Length: 14ft
width: 6ft 3 1/4 inches
height: 3ft 8in
weight: 2558 lbs
Max power: [email protected] 7000 rpm
Max tq.: 366ft [email protected] rpm
0-60: 4.8 secs
0-100: 10.2 secs
top speed: 189.5 mph
price new:75000 pounds(1984)
price now: 130-170000 pounds(british mag, funny they use lbs and inches)

there ya go, hope this helps a little. go look at newstand for classic and sports car magazine. theres a 288gto on the cover.
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