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Anyone for an Enzo PC?!!

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Found this a minute ago - genius!!
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Bazil said:

You are the best! When I moved to Japan I ditched my tower for a laptop. Now when I return I have to build a new PC. I just found my case! I think I'll go with black. Am I a geek? Yes.
Wow, cool! Thanks, Bazil. Unfortunately I just had a new computer built within the last month by my dad. The case is a red Shuttle, with a P4 2.6. and if anyone's never seen one, here's a picture of basically waht my computer looks like.
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Unfortunately mail orders are out for me because I'm so far away that the freight always cost as much as the product itself. I'll hunt for the case here and if I find it, I'll buld another PC. :)

I already have the Acer Ferrari3000 so the new Enzo PC would make a nice pair.
That's awesome!!!!
Glad you like it chaps - I was so excited when I found it!!!

I'm in the same boat as Rosso though - just got a new PC recently - :cry:
eXcenlletly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: I want one ! lol
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