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On Saturday morning I managed to escape my newborn duties for an hour and a half and took a spirited drive to meet my good friend John at the new Porsche Centre in Johannesburg. John is a Porsche 911 nut and owns five of them at my last count (including one of my old cars). He also looks after some of Vitalone's cars while he is in Europe.

Interestingly the Porsche centre is purported to be the biggest Porsche dealership in the world with a showroom, shop, coffe shop, workshop and panel / paint facility all under one roof. It is really spectacular and there were some very interesting cars such as a very rare 993 RS Clubsport. I must say that the 997 GT3RS in black with orange scripting and wheels makes my heart beat a little faster!

The place was really busy and my shiny red 308 really stood out. it was very interesting that despite my car being worth substantially less than even the cheapest Boxster, at least every second person went over to have a look!

I used my wife's Alfa for the week and it was really cool to have the 308 as a weekend toy again and I can't wait to go the the annual Kyalami SEFAC day on Saturday - I will surely take some photos and post them. I don't have time to stay for the whole day and I won't be tracking my car this year but my friend has a 360 Challenge car and he will be taking me around for some hot laps!!! Can't wait!
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