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An Early Morning Plea....

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....Since I'm new to this website I guess this request for help can go here.
The help I need is the replacing of a video tape copy that I've some how losted or missed placed and now I can't find.
The video I last was this. Ferrari, Victory By Design
That has originally aired on Speed Channel/Speedvision in the past. And I fear I have missed my chance to tape it again since Speed Channel re-aired it again back in November.
So can anyone here help in replacing it? I know of one place that sells copies of this tape under the name Fabulous Ferraris.
But they only sell it in PAL and that could be a problem of it not working in my VCR. And then having to go through the trouble of getting it dubbed over to the format used here in the States/N. America so it can run in my VCR.
I would willing to cover any cost in getting a copy of this tape from someone that lives here in the States and who has a copy of this program.
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Hi Andy,

I, too, have seen the exact documentary of which you speak. However, I know "the Speed channel formerly known as Speed Vision :lol: " does re-air these series' of films. Maybe you could contact " the Speed channel formerly known as Speed Vision" and ask when the next airing will be. Just an idea.


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