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Altering a Ferrari

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I just picked up a new magazine here in Tokyo on Ferrari. In the back they have about 15 pages of more aftermarket parts for a 360 than i knew exist. If it is for racing purposes I think it is OK but this is overkill IMO. I will try to get some scans. What do you all think?
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Altering exotics will always get a bipolar reaction. I feel there is nothing wrong with it as long as you can revert it to stock, and this mentality goes to all cars, not just exotica.

I think a lot of it stems not only from having the mortal fear of things breaking on you but also in the preservation of history. Truth be told one can't really simply look at exotic ownership as custodian care for the next owner. In a way there is that responsiblity but after all, it is YOUR car. Have fun with it.

Tubi seems the generally accepted modification, but from my understanding, ANSA, Stebbro, et al, are more than up to the task as well.

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