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Alone with THE CAR!

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I have had my car for two months now. After surfing the net, all I find is 360 this and 360 that. Sometimes some articles or comments about a 512, 348 or 308. What is wrong with the 550? The 550 is such a happy car, look at the board smile of its grill. No one seems to own one but me. Now that they are no longer in production, I guess I should take it to the junkyard and have it shredded. The 575 does not look good in my eyes.

I think it is the most beautiful car ever to hit the road and has the engine to make it go. Like my mother used to tell me, I follow the beat of a different drummer.

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Bart said:
When I drive the beast, most have no idea what it is. Even the porsche drivers think it might be a Kit Car. Since the 360 copied the rear end of the 550, others do not understand what it is when seen from the side. That thinking stops when the beast starts moving. I am different. I hate flash. Mine is silver, not red. Nothing is better than the look of a BMW or Porsche driver's face as I blow him off.

As you might guess, for years, BMW & Porsche's driver have had fun with me. No more.

what an awesome sight this must be. :)
but the average 'joe' doesn't know a lot about cars. the 550 being one of the most rare 'modern' ferrari. Silver is a gr8 color for such a car. Being already 'flashy' red would make it worse....
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