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Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione & Maserati Granturismo S MC, same heart different emotions

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Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione & Maserati Granturismo S MC, same heart different emotions

Hi Everyone!

Just thought that since the heart to these two wonders is given by Ferrari it might interest you...

I love both the Alfa and the Maserati I find them both completely different and at the same time extremely close. The driving experience are so different yet similar. I just simply love them both!

The Maserati is stunning with the white and all the Carbon Fiber, it fits perfectly 4 people and its extremely comfortable to drive. The Alfa instead fits probably two backpacks, when my gf saw the rear trunk she started laughing, I agree that small rear trunk can only fit the Alfa book or a 13 inch computer!

The breaking system is so different, the Alfa just stops as soon as you hit the breakes, and its simply brutal. The Maserati instead is soft and slower. The sound is beautiful on both, the GTS with the valves open is pure music, but the Alfa in Sport mode is on a different planet, the sound is the best thing I ever herd... There was no need for the Bose upgrade! lol!

The interior of the GTS is very luxorious with all the leather and the carbon fiber inserts everywhere. The door sill with the "MC Sportline" logos are very racing like. The seats are very soft and perfect for long trips. The 8C instead with the CF sport bucket seats inspires pure racing. The leather is simply gorgeous, which is also done by "Poltrona Frau" like as in the GTS.

The Carbon Fiber is everywhere the doors are so light to open and close that the first times I was shocked by it. The instruments are simply the essential, no large screen navigator, no clock in center console, no useless bottons, just what you need to drive the car.

Hope you enjoyed reading!


PS: here are some pictures & videos!


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I love both those cars, congratulations. Now all you need is a Ferrari to complete the set. :)


Great review, thanks! I like the colorcombo on the Maserati, white with all the CF!
can't disagree with those sentiments. congratulations on the means and taste to own those two.

I think the Ferrari California also has many of the same lines.
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