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After two years driving my Spider (11,000 km out of 37.000 km in total), I'm facing my first inconvenient: the AC System some time does not work properly (both in heating and in cooling position).

Just after the start, the AC goes well but as soon as I push the car a little bit hard (vibrations?), the system begins to go by its own, does not respond to the buttons or responds randomly. It seems that there is a connection between the AC system and the clock digits (the clock display is next to the AC ones), as they flash or stop to flash when I push the AC buttons (the clock has been always out of order).

My first idea was of a weak link in the Electrical System, of the same type of the one illustrated in the very professional article of JRV (Pinnacle Motorsport), included in the Tech Section of the Forum. Unfortunately JRV's article seems to refer at 348 first type (bactery on the rear), as the connections shown in the picture seem to differ from the mines.
A second option is the failure of an electronic component of the AC System.

Any suggestion?

A second question: the original time belt indication is 30.000 km or 3 years. There as been substantial improvements on belt duration from the original (1993) to the present ones that allow for a wider period (time)?
Thanks for your help
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