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A simple solution would be to become a non-production car. The Maranello barely made it with production between 600 and 700 units per year. What this means to Ferrari is again simple. The entry level Ferrari F430 sells many times the number as to the other Ferrari models. It will lose the largest market for their product, the U. S. of A.. The price in America will sky rocket.

On the other hand, it would allow Ferrari to sell more cars in other areas of the world. Maybe India and China would like a few more? Ferrari must keep the numbers down if one wants to remain exclusive. Anyone and everyone buys a Mercedes where I live. Ferrari has the best brand name on the planet Earth. It commands high prices because it is Ferrari. Can anyone name a brand more world wide known for being the top of the line? It is not cheap.

What other company can wait two or more years to deliver their product? Since a dealership only has a few to sell each year, the salesman chooses very carefully. Darn, I wish my service had their reputation.

If one gets into a Ferrari as a passenger, one understands there are risks involved. I do not believe air bags will help in an accident with a Ferrari. Well, sometimes another car will hit a Ferrari but that type of accident is an accident. What can one do about accidents?

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