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Gets it's safe to say that the later production years will be free from early quality issues.
I'd recommend a GTS but that's a personnal bias. Spiders have the downside of the fragility of the soft top, and GTBs miss the stunning howling noise when the top is down.
There's also the usual debate about F1 vs std gate gearbox, you'll find stuff in this forum on the topic ...

Aside from the usual used car checks, things to watch include:
- pristine maintenance history, be stringent on yearly oil changes and services, as well as the 4y/40'000km timing belts changes
- exhaust manifold cracks, frequent problem on all 355s, and damn expensive to replace. Looks for a pffft noise at idle, or for deep throat garbling at 3500rpm. The car should make a perfect howling noise.
- cracks at the basis of C-pillars on cars driven hard on bumpy roads with the sport setting 'on'
- if you're buying a manual, gearbox behaviour when cold (downshifting from 3rd to 2nd for instance) should be scrutinized
- leather quality

Best advice I can give is to see and try a lot of cars and be pa-tient. Don't buy without dealer warranty ;-)
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