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some men in Italy spend some time producing a vehicle, which ended up in my garage. I wish to thank them but I do no think they understand my language. Therefore, I must announce my appreciation of they labors. It, the beast, has given me much joy.

One of the things, which have brought me happiness, is when I am out and about. More then once have some fellows talked about having a nice car. It is unusually for me not to talk. When they begin, I am silent. I wait and wait for the moment. When they are done, I tell them they are lucky to have something that is better than many. Normally, the owner starts to put me down even when I tell him his car is OK for the common folk. Finally, I mention a car for a gentleman must be smooth. Sixes and eights are not smooth. Of course, performance is important, which mine has.

One can be proud but must be modest.

Darn, those Italians do make the finest.

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