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A whole bunch of questions for the cognicenti

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I just recently found out that post retirement I have enough financial substance to consider a lifelong dream, the content of which should be evident since I've posted this on this forum. But a few practicalities remain that need to be considered:

Is there any particularly unreliable V-8 Ferrari, that would be hard to keep useable on a daily basis?

Is there a V-12 Ferrari that's in the ballpark with the V-8's as far as cost of purchase and maintenance expenses?

How important is it that the car be serviced by a Ferrari dealership, none of which may be nearby?

Is it possible to flat tow a Ferrari for lengthy distances? My plan is to motorhome the south in the winter (here in Buffalo New York, getting the hell out of here for the winter post retirement is a no-brainer). Originally I had it in mind to tow an Acura Integra but a 308/328/whatever, or a different model you folks on this forum come to consensus about would be a lot more of everything worthwhile (Duh!). I haven't bought the motorhome yet; if the Ferrari thing works out but it needs to be on a trailer, the motorhome choice therefore has a requirement to be met: pull a car trailer. The Integra would go on one of those front-wheel dollies, but a rear-drive car must certainly have some further considerations. Any insights? Anyone else doing this? Should I stick with the Acura?

Thanks in advance for whatever anyone can offer me in the way of advice, experience or admonishment.
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Any well maintained Ferrari should prove reliable enough for your use. I would probably steer clear of the older ones that use ignition points. Electronic ignition is the way to go for reliability. I converted mine over to increase reliability. Probably a 328 or a Mondial. The 12's would be more expensive to maintain but I can't give you cost comparisons.

Unless it is a new car with a warranty, I don't think it is that critical to have it serviced at the Ferrari dealer. There are plenty of independant garages around that specialize in Ferrari. (I've even got one close to where I live in Maine.)

I'm not a big fan of flat towing. You might have some problems with a Ferrari (especially a 328). Some transmissions do not get proper lubrication when being towed in neutral so you could cause damage to the tranny. Should you put the rear tires on the dolly and tow the car backwards, you are sure to damage the front spoiler. My feeling is that flat towing causes excessive wear and tear on a vehicle.

Towing on a flatbed is better for the car, safer, and a trailer is actually easier to maneuver with than a flat towed car. (Have you ever tried backing up with a flat tow? Especially a small sportscar you can't see.) I understand that many of the motorhome owners prefer flat towing over trailered towing because many of the parks and grounds count the trailer as an additional vehicle and charge for parking.

My opinion - if it were a 10k Ford Focus I'd flat tow it. If it is a $50k Ferrari, I'd trailer it and pay the additional parking.
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eddyvf750 said:
Again, thanks for writing. And it's just marvelous to find a mature car forum, absent the teen dreamers that have pretty much ruined Road and Track's, and Car & Driver's forums.
No problem Eddy, I'm glad you like the forum and hope you check back often. I think it is a pretty mature forum but I wouldn't say we are absent of teen dreamers. As for dreamers, I think that applies to all of us (including you :green: ) As for teens, we have quite a few young people on the forum but they are all intelligent, well-spoken and add value to the posts. I have seen other forums where a bunch of kids just ruin it for the others.

When you start looking for a Ferrari, be sure to check in here for info (and to post the photos when you get it!!). When you start looking at motorhomes, post in the general section. I have some knowledge about them and I'm sure others on here do also.

I was just thinking about what you said about combining the rigors of a motorhome and Ferrari. I think I would intend to agree. It would be a lot more relaxed travelling and you could enjoy the motorhome more if you were dragging around a car you really didn't care about. Having a Ferrari in the garage gives you a good excuse to go home also. The enjoyment is not over just because you arrived back home. Now the Ferrari comes out!!
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